Please read all instructions and complete it without any help from books or other resources. It will help us to guide your instruction and/or place you in the correct group.

This test gets progressively harder. Please stop when it gets too hard.

Fill in the missing Spanish article (substitution for the English “The”)





Please ANSWER (not translate) each question in a complete sentence in Spanish. If you have any questions as to what type of an answer we are looking for, please ask. We’ll be glad to orient you.

Do you speak English?

Where do you live?

What is your profession?

How old are you?

Can you swim?

What do you want to learn here?

What time do you usually wake up?

What are you going to do tomorrow?

What is bigger, a dog or a house?

Is a dog as big as a house?

When did you start studying Spanish?

How long have you been studying Spanish?

What did you receive for Christmas last year?

How many times have you eaten tacos?

Where were you born?

Where were you a week ago?

What did you used to do as a child?

What would you like the president of the U.S. to do now?

If you were the president of the U.S. today, what would you do?

If you were the president of the U.S. during World War II, what would you have done?

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